Frequently Asked Questions

1What is eBay Stealth Account?
Stealth accounts are eBay accounts made using an alias and otherwise different information than your own, real information.
2Why would anyone ever want one?
Maybe eBay decided to restrict or suspend your original account, thus leaving you with no other option.
If you were to open a new account with your real information, they would be linked and then your new account would be suspended too.
Even if your real account is in good standing, it’s still a good idea to have a backup plan. What if one day your real account goes down? Then 100% of your revenue is suddenly gone.
By buying stealth accounts, you give yourself options.
3What do you mean by “linked”?
eBay (and PayPal) accounts which share the same, or even similar information, can be considered by eBay/PayPal to belong to the same person.
If you have an account with information that is already banned, then the linked account(s) will be banned as well. This is why you want to avoid linkage at all costs – if one account goes down, then ALL accounts linked to it will go down at, or around the same time.
4Are stealth accounts legal?
It is perfectly legal to conduct business in another name – the official term is using a DBA (“Doing Business As”). If your real name is John Smith, you can legally conduct business as “Sally Frankson”, “John’s Deals LLC”, or really any name using a DBA, and that is exactly what stealth accounts are all about.
5What are the main differences between the types of account you sell?
We classify accounts according to their monthly selling limits.
Of course, accounts with lower limits are cheaper than those with high limits.
The lower limit accounts (such as 10 items/$500 accounts) are great for those who are new to stealth, or want a basic account that will grow with them. If you already know the ins and outs of stealth, or just want an account with high limits right away, then some of our more expensive packages may be for you.
6Is a Paypal account included with your eBay packages?
Every stealth eBay account we sell comes with a matching PayPal account attached to it.
We are not selling PayPal accounts alone.
We really don't recommend to mix different accounts. eBay and PayPal share all the info and previous history.
If you previously had PayPal associated with current eBay account and you will just attach another different PayPal account, that may raise serious issues and even lead to permanently limited account.
7Can these accounts be used worldwide?
We are providing US and UK accounts, but YES they can be used anywhere in the world as long as you order one of our packages, which includes VPN (IP address).
(Featured, Professional or Super Aged Packages).
8What if the account limits aren’t enough?
The best way to get around account limits is to have multiple stealth accounts.
For example, if you have 3 accounts with 100/$5000 limits, then you would be able to sell up to 300 items/$15,000 a month! With multiple stealths, you also have the advantage of NOT putting all your eggs in one basket – with only 1 account, if something happens to it then 100% of your business is gone.
But with 3 stealths, you would only lose 1/3rd.
The more you have, the better protected you will be.
9If I buy a Basic account, will I be stuck with those limits forever?
No, eBay does increase limits over time if you prove yourself trustworthy. Increases normally happen after 90 days if you have a decent amount of seller feedback and no negative things affecting your account.
Accounts with higher limits can be increased as well, but it usually takes longer.
Sometimes limits can happen randomly before that 90 day mark if you’re lucky and/or you sell as close to your limits as possible with low risk items.
10How do I avoid getting suspended again?
All orders will receive a free guide.
Following this guide will ensure your account is safe.
However, all our accounts include life time guarantee. Even if they will ask for some documents, like invoices, supplier info etc. Our team will prepare them within a few hours. No extra cost.
Only case when we can decline guarantee is in case if you done something prohibited, like sold fakes or prohibited items against eBay policy etc.
11What if the account still gets suspended?
Don’t worry, we are here to help!
If you followed our guide and the suspension was our fault, we will contact eBay on your behalf and try to restore the account.
If we can’t bring the account back, you will get a new account completely free of charge. If your account was suspended due to your actions, we will still try to help best we can, but we cannot offer guarantees if you did not follow our instructions and got suspended as a result of that.
12What payment methods do you accept?
We are offering various type of payments:
*Local Bank Transfer - USD, EUR SEPA, GBP, AUD
*10 % discount. By this payment methods, there are lower fees, so we can offer better price.     
You can choose which payment method you prefer the best.
13After ordering, when will I receive my new stealth account?
Account delivery depends on the type of account you ordered and if we have accounts in stock or not.
Generally it takes 3-5 business days to process every order.
All our accounts history where build by sending transactions just between our own accounts.
We are keeping all our accounts active until there are new order from client, only in that way we can be 100% sure, that our clients will receive perfect accounts, without history of disputes, chargeback, returns etc.
That's why after you have placed and order, we need to finish sales, leave feedbacks, configure VPN, export browser "cookies" etc. etc.
14What will I get from you?
You will receive:
All login details (PayPal/eBay and Gmail),
Additional details which where used for verification (docs, VBA and VCC).
Browser "cookies" from eBay and PayPal - exported of our server.
VPN details (Static IP address | Only for "Featured, Professional, Super Aged Packages")
PP Debit Card (Optional)
Tutorial, how to set up and maintain account in future.
15Do any of your accounts come with feedback?
Yes, our accounts normally have feedbacks (except basic packages).
16What are aged eBay accounts?
Normally stealth accounts are made to order (or at the most, 1 week in advance to keep them in stock).
We will have accounts that are a 3 months, and older in stock.
These accounts are more valuable because the longer you have selling history , the stronger the account is.
Plus, limit increases seem to occur more frequently the longer an account ages, which is why these are slightly more expensive.
17Why do I need aged eBay account?
It's well known and proven that the older accounts are better.
From our experience younger accounts run a higher chance of failure and lower listings positions.
For aged eBay accounts all your incoming funds will be available instantly and there won't be 21 day hold period.
Please note that our aged eBay accounts will be slightly more expensive than brand new account, they are well established and it takes time and investments to create this accounts.
18Do your accounts have 21 day holds for incoming payments?
It depends on package which you have chosen. For "Beginner" and "Simple" package there will be 21 day hold. For "Featured" , "Professional" , "Super Aged Package" there won't be 21 day hold.
19How can I withdraw funds?
There are a number of ways to withdraw funds from your PayPal account, the best method is to simply attach a bank account that has not been associated with another PayPal account, for withdraws.
Any bank account that has not been associated with a PayPal account is fine. PayPal US accounts require a US bank account and PayPal UK accounts require a UK bank account.
Most of the bank will accept withdraws even name doesn't match.

Second method:
Purchasing Bitcoin: Customer who do not have access to a local bank account (US or UK), you're able to exchange your PayPal funds for Bitcoin using services such as LocalBitcoins.com, Virwox.com or other similar services.

Third method:
Withdraw and spend profits using PayPal Debit Card.
The PayPal Debit card lets you use your actual PayPal balance anytime-in store and online or any ATM for cash withdrawals.
With the PayPal Card, there’s no need to transfer money from your PayPal balance to a bank.
Just immediate access to the money you need to restock, pay vendors, and purchase the new items.
Process is simple. We will order PayPal Debit Card to our address and after that send it to your address (applies worldwide).
It will be +$25 USD / 20 GBP to package price.
Using PayPal Debit Card you will be able to withdraw funds at any ATM.
20What if I have other questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us.
You can reach us via our contact form (email) and if it's urgent or very important you can contact with our company owner Patriks Bergers by Facebook chat.
We are available 7 days a week.
Please leave us a message.
We will reply to you within 1 day, usually, within couple of hours.
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